Can I also buy public tickets at the Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH?

We only offer VIP tickets. If you have general questions or questions regarding the purchase of public tickets, please contact the respective concert organizer and its official ticket provider.

Can I reserve VIP tickets in advance?

Unfortunately, written reservations as well as reservations by phone in advance are not possible.

Was my VIP ticket order successful?

After the receipt of your order, we will process it and you will receive a confirmation email and a separate invoice email.

When will I receive my VIP tickets?

The VIP tickets will be sent by courier service approximately four to two weeks before the event, but not before receipt of payment (subject to change).

During the ordering process, you can choose various delivery locations you want your tickets to be sent to.

We are happy to send your tickets to a hotel in Berlin. Both, the address and the arrival date would be important for this. If you can only submit the address later, this is not a problem. Please then provide the following information during the ordering process:

Delivery address to another address:

Company name: Hotel in Berlin

Country: Germany

Street: will be submitted later

Zip code: 10000

Location: Berlin

Where will my seats be at in the stadium?

We will allocate the seats in respect of chronological receipt of the order and availability. You are welcome to write down your wishes regarding a seat choice when booking. However, there is no guarantee that your choice will be implemented. You will find the location of your individual seat on your ticket, which we will send you.

In most cases, the seats of the booked tickets are next to each other. However, if the number of tickets you buy is larger, we may divide the seats into small groups.

Which services are included in the VIP ticket price?

The included services vary depending on the event and category. After selecting the desired category, the respective services are listed.

Can I order more tickets and be sure they are next to the seats I’ve already bought?

When ordering, you can express the wish that the additional seats you have purchased are next to those already purchased. Please enter this request together with the previous order number in the comment field during the ordering process. However, there is no guarantee for the implementation of the request.

What payment options do I have?

Bank transfer:  Transfer directly to our bank details. Please pay postage-free and free of charge immediately, stating the invoice number as the reference. The VIP tickets will be sent by courier service approximately four to two weeks (subject to change) before the event, but not before receipt of payment.

Payment by credit card is currently not possible.

Can I still change or cancel my order?

Our VIP tickets are fundamentally excluded from cancellation. You are welcome to contact us regarding a modification.

Can I also order VIP tickets by phone?

Ordering the VIP tickets is only possible in our online shop.

Where can I find general information about the respective event in the Olympiastadion Berlin?

General information about the events, e.g. the concert schedule, safety regulations are available on our website: https://olympiastadion.berlin/en/home –  Click Dates and Tickets in the respective event.

Furthermore, you will receive information about the concert in a cover letter with together your VIP tickets.

How can I get information about upcoming events in the Olympiastadion Berlin?

If you would like to be informed about future VIP offers (concerts, German Cup final, etc.) for events in the Olympiastadion Berlin, please register for our newsletter: https://olympiastadion.berlin/de/newsletter_en/

I discovered VIP tickets for events in the Olympiastadion Berlin on another platform. Are these offers legitimate?

We strongly advise against purchasing tickets on platforms that are not named by the event organizer as official ticket sales platforms. If you have problems with tickets that you have purchased in the secondary market, we cannot provide any support.

Before purchasing your tickets, please find out whether the offer is legitimate.

Why can’t I buy tickets for various events at the same time?

Basically, you can buy several categories of an event at the same time. However, all organizers have individual regulations regarding their general terms and conditions. Therefore, you cannot order tickets for various events at the same time. Of course, if you make another purchase, you can choose tickets from another operator.

You didn´t find the right answer to your question?

Let us know! We would be happy to answer your question personally for you.

Contact person for VIP-Tickets:

Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH
Josephine Lindman
Tel: (+49) 30 – 306 88 127
Email: vip@olympiastadion.berlin